Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mnemonic Devices & A fun quick review strategy

ROPE - a Mnemonic for Short Answer Questions

I learned about this strategy last year, and I think it would work perfect for constructed response on K-Prep, or even short answer questions.  When students answer a short answer encourage them to do the following in their answers:
R—RESTATE the Question
O—State their OPINION— or give the answer
P—PROVE it—with evidence.  This could be examples or quotes from the text
E—EXPLAIN & ELABORATE on how the evidence helps to answer the question.

Speaking and Listening Tip - a Mnemonic

When working with students on how to engage in group discussions, this SLANT mnemonic from Mrs. Bongers’ Life in 4B might help. S: Sit up, L: look at the person speaking, A: Act like you Care, N: Nod your head, T: Take turns talking.  You could also give them “Sentence Starters” for discussion.
Be sure to check out Life in 4B for other great ideas.

Above is a bookmark to help students remember SLANT—find it to print here


 Cootie What? A Way to Review with Origami

When I was in fourth grade, I was totally obsessed with those little folded paper fortune teller games where you had to ask your friend to choose a color and then a number and so on, until they got what obviously would be their future— “you will be happily married to Corey Haim and have three dogs and twenty cats.”
Over the weekend, I came across the idea to use “Cootie Catchers” as a class icebreaker activity (I didn’t even know they were called Cootie Catchers).  As I was thinking about it, I realized, you could use that little origami gem for all sorts of classroom applications.
Consider using a blank cootie catcher template, from the Organized Classroom Blog to help students review for a test.  At Peacocks and Penguins in the Classroom, they’re using them for math.
The possibilities really are endless.  Don’t believe me?  Google “Cootie Catchers for Learning”.  There are lots of examples and even more free templates available!



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