Friday, October 17, 2014

1st Quarter Library Report, 2014

After hearing Jennifer LaGarde (aka Library Girl on Twitter) , speak this summer at KASL's Summer Refresher, I decided that I really needed to do a better job of connecting my library data to my stakeholder's priorities.

After surveying my teachers and administrators, I learned that their primary concerns were student growth and success and creating a culture where students could be creative, curious and innovative.  I think our library is an environment that helps support those priorities, and I wanted to highlight that in our library theme and in my report.  

I began by checking out some of our beginning of the year student diagnostic tests and comparing that to some of the library statistics I had.  I also tried to connect the report to student priorities; the primary priority for them was to find books that they like, and after improving library organization through genrefication of the fiction section and adding some new signage, I found that our 1st quarter circulation was up by 88.3%. 

Here's the report [direct link on Piktochart] I'll be sharing with my administrators, overall I think we're right on target and I will for sure look for ways to encourage more summer reading!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#CLD14: Your Connected Librarian Toolkit

Connected Librarian Day 2014.

I feel incredibly honored to have been asked by Joyce Valenza to share some of the things that I do with my library program.  I am beyond excited to be joining the ranks of some of my favorite librarian heroes.

See the full schedule of events and read about all of the incredibly talented presenters at Library 2.0.

For my part, I decided to talk about, communicating to your stakeholders, a subject that has been on my mind quite a bit, especially since I got to hear the fabulous Jennifer LaGarde (aka Library Girl) speak at KASL Summer Refresher this year.

Most recently I've presented on a similar topic at KASL Fall Conference with James Allen. You can see what we talked about for library advocacy [here].

I can't wait to share some of the ways that I have been working to create a library presence for my stakeholders that both provides them with what they need and helps to keep our library program and students on everyone's mind. 

I think one of the best things we can do for our students is identify our stakeholder priorities and work to deliver information to each stakeholder group that relates to those priorities. 

See the Archived Webinar Below:)


Your Connected Librarian Stakeholder Toolkit - Slides

Your Connected Librarians Stakeholder Toolkit Resources

Hover over the image below and see links to different resources/examples that you might find helpful.

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