Thursday, April 14, 2016

SAMR Smash (Remix)

It's taken a few years, but I finally have had the chance to revise my original work with SAMR Smash.

After taking into consideration some comments/work from folks like Kathy Schrock, I have refined my SAMR/Bloom's alignments and have also revised my verb lists, activities, and have updated the apps featured to include some new things I've been working with or have watched others use effectively.

For a quick background on my views of SAMR - which include some considerations about digital citizenship, check out this video:

The Thinglink below represents my revised work with SAMR and Bloom's.  Hover over the image for articles, resources and how-to videos.  Each section includes some considerations that I believe should be made about Digital Citizenship and Digital and Information Literacy. 

There is an overwhelming number of resources here, so take it in small doses, or use only what jumps out at you.

Three Tech Tools to Deliver Content to Students - 1:1 iPads