Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cheat Sheet for Flipped Class PD using Piktochart

I'll be giving a Professional Development (PD) session next week on the flipped classroom concept, and I took the opportunity to mess around with Piktochart.  I must say, I really enjoyed using the templates available.  For a free subscription, there are only five templates available, but for my purposes, I'd say that I could customize them enough to make it a useful tool to use.  The site was very intuitive to use, and easy to navigate.  Aside from some glitches I'm experiencing at my school site using it (I think I need to run updates), I think it is very user friendly.  I also like that it allows you to save the infographic as a jpeg, generate html embed code, or create a link to share.  I was glad for the embed code because I've been needing practice embedding things into my schoolpointe page.  For some reason the embedded product showed up beautifully when I opened my page in Firefox, but it didn't load all the graphics when I loaded it in Internet Explorer (again could be an issue of running some updates on my school computer), so I ended up taking out the embed code and just uploaded the JPEG. While the JPEG isn't as crisp and the embedded version, I still think it gets the job done;)

Overall, Piktochart  could be a fun way to share information with students or have students share information with you. Check out my work below for a little preview of what you can do!