Wednesday, February 7, 2018

PD While You... February 2018

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In our most recent edition of "PD While You..." you can learn plenty of new ways to engage your students.  From math to choice boards.  Find the links you need below.

TED Talk: The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink
As our 5th graders head into a season of Genius Hour with FTGenius, find out the "Why" behind that, and think about maybe using the resources available for your own class.  We have versions of Genius Hour available for 2nd-5th grades.  Look for FTGenius Interactive Notebooks in the FTIS Elementary EdTech Group under the Interactive Notebook file.

Classroom Screen: A Quick Alternative to Smart Notebook
Check out Classroom Screen, a tool I saw both Allyson Jones and Maria Schuman at WES using.  In about 30 seconds they can post an agenda, add a timer to keep the class moving and create a QR code on the fly.

Getting Appy With It: FlipGrid
FlipGrid is a video discussion tool that students can use through an app on the iPad. With FlipGrid, teachers create an account, start a topic, and invite students to share video responses by entering a grid code. The free version is enough to get started.  If you don't see FlipGrid in the student app portal, and would like access, please let me know.

Want more details on how to use it?  Check out this tutorial by Richard Byrne.

Getting Appy With It: CoSpaces EDU
Your students can create their own virtual reality using CoSpaces Edu.  With the free version you can set up a class environment for your students to create through an app.  If the app is not available to your students, please let me know and I will correct that. 

This app would be best suited for older students.  When the are asked to set up their account, they should choose the Google or Office 365 option and enter their school email address and password.

Two Ways to Gamify Math: Prodigy and FogStone Isle
In Prodigy Math, teachers create a free account and then can create path ways for students within the game that are Common Core Aligned.  The game levels from 1-8.  The app for students is in the app portal.

FogStone Isle is another game type math app, best suited for 3-5th grades.  This app earned an award as one of the best from Common Sense Media.  Set up your free account and set up your class.  The app is available for students in the app portal

JES Feature Link
As you're planning for PBL, consider posting a timeline and milestones in your classrooms to keep kids on track.  You also might consider taking it digital by asking students to record things in their iPad calendar or by posting it for the in Schoology calendars.  

MES Feature

Making Choice Boards for your class is not easy work.  As you plan choice boards for language arts, consider taking a look at the Workstation cards for the week in Wonders, find your favorite advanced organizer for skill practice or check out the ideas on the Padlet below.  To get the advanced organizer interactive notebook go to Schoology>>FTIS Edtech Elementary Group>> Interactive Notebooks >> Advanced Organizers.

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