Friday, December 27, 2013

Updated Big 6 Resources

When we get back to school after Winter break, I'll be reviewing the Big 6 research process with 4& 5th graders and introducing it to 3rd.

In the past, I've gone through a PowerPoint presentation and talked the kids through the process, but I really wanted to speed up that introduction.  To help with that, I made a PowToon video that keeps the intro to under 4 minutes.  Find the video [here].

I've also spent some time revising the Project Planner I use with the kids to provide them with some structure in considering the Big 6 steps.  The PowToon actually provides a demonstration for how to use the project planner.  You can find the planner [here].  I will likely the pause the video occasionally to add information and provide more of an explanation or to answer questions.

When kids are actually doing their research, I have a standard set of graphic organizers for them to use that requires them to record all of the source information.  This helps to keep them organized, and the organizers are designed to include the same vocabulary and formatting as what Microsoft Word uses for the References tab, which allows students to easily build a Works Cited page.  Click on the titles below for links to those pages:
The organizers all look the same, so often teachers in my building will copy the handouts on different colored paper - or will write in large letters the type of source on the top of the page.  That seems to help reduce some of the confusion for which handout kids should be using.

What are your favorite research methods and strategies you use with your students?

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  1. Great idea about using an animation to introduce the research process! I like the Big 6 too, but I have fallen in love with NoodleTools for documenting the sources and taking notes. There is a connection to GoogleDocs as well for research leading to a paper.