Sunday, July 13, 2014

Genius Hour: Nourishing Intrinsic Motivation #KASLSR14

In the book Drive, Daniel H. Pink describes what he calls, Motivation 3.0 - which is: "the upgrade that's needed to meet the new realities of how we organize, think about, and do what we do" (75).  

Pink proposes that the behavior that will strengthen our organization and achieve new, creative thought is what he refers to as Type I behavior; behavior that is fueled by intrinsic desire and a "third" motivational drive, which is an intrinsic desire to perform a task, simply because the person enjoys doing the task.  Pink further states that Type I behavior is born and made, it is renewable, it promotes greater well-being and it depends on three nutrients: autonomy, mastery and purpose (76-78). 

As educators, we have the ability to foster this Type I behavior in our students and help students understand what motivates them intrinsically, and help them to understand the tools they need to explore their interests and see new ways to channel those interests into life changing experiences.

Below are resources that will help you get started with Genius Hour, a method of allowing students the freedom they need to master their own interests. 

Genius Hour: Nourishing Intrinsic Motivation

The Prezi below provides an overview of Genius Hour and resources that you can use to get started.  See the version at Prezi here.

Consider Flipping Genius Hour

Use Flipped Class strategies to provide support for your students as they research their Genius Hour topics.  Provide useful resources on your website, social learning platform, or on a tool like Blendspace.  

Research Resources

Help students get organized by using project planners and research organizers.  

Click [here] to access a Google Drive resource folder. In this folder, you will find interest survey, brackets to help students narrow focus, Big 6 planner, and research organizers that require students to keep track of source information. 

How to Videos

Where to go for More Information?

Check out some of these resources:
Genius Hour: Where Passions Come Alive
Genius Hour Livebinder - curated by Joy Kirr
Drive: The Surprising Thing About What Motivates Us - By Daniel H. Pink
The Passion Driven Classroom By Angelia Maiers & Amy Sandvold
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

I would love to hear about how you use Genius Hour!  Share your own ideas or blog posts in the comments section, or share with me on Twitter @heidinelt

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