Wednesday, July 9, 2014

21st Century Book Talks & Trailers - Summer Refresher 2014 #KASLSR14

The days of the standard 2 minute book talk in front of a stack of books could very well be coming to an end as the ever growing number of ways that you and your students can share information about favorite books expands.

You and your students have your choice of a variety of technology tools to create and share books.  You can create podcasts, videos, interactive multimedia, and augmented reality and share your work with interactive displays, QR codes, and online with a world-wide audience.  Check out an example of how you can use interactive multimedia with Thinglink for the Kentucky Bluegrass Awards here. Check out the Thinglink examples below for more ideas:

Getting Organized & Considering Your Options

With all the choices, it's important to get organized and consider some of your many options.  You also want to think about how you're going to share your work.  Check out the Thinglink below for some possibilities. Hover over the infographic to see different links and resources.  If you are having trouble accessing the resources, you can see them at Thinglink here.


Helping Get Your Students Organized

If you are going to challenge your students to create their own book talks and book trailers, it will help to provide your students with a framework for working through creating their own book trailers.

Providing students with clear directions, tutorials, directions for how and where to save information, as well as directions on how to access and use Public Domain and Creative Commons licensed work, and how to document sources are all very important lessons.

You may want to "flip" your instruction since often students will be working through different stages of the book trailer/talk creation process at different paces.

Here is an example of how you can help your students gets organized for their task using a tool such as Blendspace.  If you are having trouble viewing the lesson click here to view the lesson in Blendspace.

KASL Summer Refresher 2014 presentation by Stephanie Griffith @StephGriff1 & Heidi Neltner @heidinelt


  1. Thanks for sharing so many excellent ideas, Heidi. I'm going to start adding book trailers to my Destiny catalog!

  2. Heidi, I attended your KASL presentation and came away with many great ideas! I am an Education Librarian at EKU, and our education students also work on a digital book trailer each semester, which I provide a lot of instruction on. Would it be all right for me to use this website with my students and maybe link to it on my LibGuide? Thanks again for all the tips!

    1. Or actually, I'd love to embed it on my LibGuide, with proper attribution of course.

  3. That would be great! Thanks for sharing and I hope it helps!