Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ChatterPix and Book Talks

I spent hours over the last few weeks putting together a presentation for 21st Century Book Talks, and then "The Technician" (my local computer genius) introduced me to the ChatterPix app, and a whole new idea for creating book talks was hatched!

ChatterPix, by Duck Duck Moose, is a hilarious app that allows you to take a photo, draw a line across an area of the photo, creating a mouth, then you add in a voice over.  Once complete, you have a video in which it appears that an object in the photo is talking.

You could easily have students do a 30 second book talk using this app.  All they would need to do is take a picture of the book cover using the app, select a character or object on the cover, and create a voice over that explains why someone should read it.  Here's an example of one I made for James Dean's Pete the Cat Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

How to Make it Happen

Open up the ChatterPix app

Choose Take Photo

Take a photo by pressing the camera icon or choose one from your library
Draw a line over the area you would like to appear to be speaking

Press the microphone icon at the bottom and begin recording your narrative.  You will have 30 seconds to talk. Press the box when finished. You can play back your recording, and if you're happy with it, press Next
 For the next step, you can add funny little stickers, frames and even text if you would like. Click Next.
 You can share by pressing the round icon at the bottom of the screen that has a box and arrow in it.  Choose to either email, share on facebook, YouTube or you can save it to your photos.  

If you save to your photos, you can access your ChatterPix for other things.

In this way you can save these short videos to your library webpage, share on your blog, add to Marc records in Destiny OR use it as an overlay for an Aurasma Aura.  Check out directions for creating an aura by clicking here.

Want to see the example I made?  Download the Aurasma app, scan the QR code with a QR code reader to follow my channel, then scan the cover of the book.

Scan first with a QR Code Reader - Aurasma App will open if it's on your device
With the Aurasma App open, scan this picture, you should see the ChatterPix
Here's just one more, fun way to get your students talking about books and sharing with others!

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