Sunday, October 13, 2013

We Just Got iPads, Now What?

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Some of the teachers in my building just received iPads to share with their classes.  They had the option to attend an iPad training session back in August, but not all of them could make it, and with the changes in ios7, some of the things they learned no longer apply.

Although iPad deployment has been in the back of all of our minds, it's been hard to focus on with so many other things happening in the building.  

Well, the iPads are finally here, so now what?

I put together a classroom quick start guide as a reminder of some of the things they'll need to think of as they begin using them.  This is a work in progress and I'm hoping for feedback from my staff as we move forward, so that we can really develop a good "getting started" resource for the other teachers in the building as they, hopefully, eventually get iPads too.  

See the actual flyer [here]. I decided to use Smore for this particular project because I like the flyer format and the ability to embed links easily with a visual of the website.  I've been meaning to use Smore for a long time, but after a #KyLChat where James Allen (@TLJamesA) shared a few created by Christi Unker (@cunker), I just knew I had to give the site a try.

Thank you for some awesome help! 

I had some great help in coming up with ideas from: John Samuelson (@ipadsammy), John Stevens (@Jstevens009), Mike Paul (@mikepaul), Drew Perkins (@dperkinsmsu), and a fantastic list of ideas and resources from #TLChat Google Community Members Jayme Johnson (also on Twitter @jaymej) and L. Gillick.  If you're looking to grow your PLN on Twitter, be sure to look for them (click on the Twitter handles in parenthesis for links), and don't miss their blogs - listed in their descriptions on Twitter.  I'm sure you'll find great ideas.

I was able to put this project together in record speed, in large part thanks to the awesome people who gave me ideas.  As this month is Connected Educator's month, for me this was a great example of how working together can yield awesome results.  I am so glad that I am a developing Connected Educator!

If you were going to add anything to a "quick start" guide like this, what should would you add?

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