Monday, July 18, 2016

Encouraging a Love of Reading with One Book, One School & 40 Book Challenge #KASLSR16


To encourage a shared love of reading, for the last two years I organized a One Book, One School and this year I attempted a Donalyn Miller inspired 40 Book  Challenge.  There are a number of formats that you could use for something like this, including something like a One Book, One Community program

The purpose of the One Book, One School was two fold: I wanted it to be something enjoyable that would encourage a love of shared reading, and I wanted the school community to be able to have a common point of reference for discussion.    As a result, I have budgeted the last few years to use a portion of book fair funds to purchase a copy of the selected book for each adult in the building. For this program I like to purchase our books from a locally owned book store, The Blue Marble

The 40 Book Challenge came about as a result of seeing a significant drop off in reading during the 4th grade year.  I also felt I needed to do a better job of reading new books, and so this seemed like a great way to try to connect with kids and encourage them to read. I used a Google Form to help me keep track of student data, and while the first year of the 40 Book Challenge did not see as much participation as I would have hoped, the data collected will help in making future decisions.

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