Monday, March 2, 2015

Using Augmented Reality to Bring your School to Life

You can use Augmented Reality apps like Aurasma to extend learning and sharing beyond the walls of your classroom and into the hallways.  Create a "moving picture" Harry Potter type feel to displays in your hallway, books, and even structures.  The imagination is the limit with this.  Feature student learning, talk about artwork, share clips of music or videos from your classroom, even help your students with homework.  All you need is an app like Aurasma to make it work. 

Check out the resources below to learn more.

Interactive Presentation

Scan the QR code in the Prezi below with a QR code reader, and download the Aurasma app to follow the presentation channel.  You can then scan the main page of the Prezi, and images in the Prezi to see example auras at work.


Check out the Step-by-Step Directions with How to Videos Below

 Written directions can be found [here]
Want a Book Talk Template to get started right away with your students? See [here]

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