Friday, February 27, 2015

App Smashing Ideas

App smashing is the act of creating content in one app and then pulling it into a second or third to create something entirely new.

When you app smash using web apps, you just download content or shift it from app to app using embedding. It is important to take into consideration age restrictions if you are planning on using web applications with your students.

For the iPad you want to find apps that will allow you to save content to your photo roll.  The photo roll is often the tool that you will use to help transfer content from one app to another.

Check out some ideas below for app smashing.

Web App Smashing

Below is an example of a web based app smash.  I used Canva and Thinglink to create the interactive. Hover over the image to see links that will help you use the web tools.  You can also click [here] to see it on Thinglink. 

iPad App Smashing

The interactive below will also give you some idea for how to app smash with an iPad. Click here to view it on Thinglink.  Canva and Thinglink are also iPad apps!

How do you like to app smash?  Add your ideas to the Padlet


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