Friday, October 17, 2014

1st Quarter Library Report, 2014

After hearing Jennifer LaGarde (aka Library Girl on Twitter) , speak this summer at KASL's Summer Refresher, I decided that I really needed to do a better job of connecting my library data to my stakeholder's priorities.

After surveying my teachers and administrators, I learned that their primary concerns were student growth and success and creating a culture where students could be creative, curious and innovative.  I think our library is an environment that helps support those priorities, and I wanted to highlight that in our library theme and in my report.  

I began by checking out some of our beginning of the year student diagnostic tests and comparing that to some of the library statistics I had.  I also tried to connect the report to student priorities; the primary priority for them was to find books that they like, and after improving library organization through genrefication of the fiction section and adding some new signage, I found that our 1st quarter circulation was up by 88.3%. 

Here's the report [direct link on Piktochart] I'll be sharing with my administrators, overall I think we're right on target and I will for sure look for ways to encourage more summer reading!


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