Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Teacher Tips - Twitter Power Lunch Follow Up

As a follow up to the Power Lunch we had on Friday, and for the teachers who couldn't be present, I sent out an explanation of some of the things we covered in the session.

Twitter for Educators—Power Lunch—Resource Roundup

In case you missed our Power Lunch on Friday (or maybe you were here, and just need the links), here’s the run down of what you need to get started.
Twitter for Educators—infographic on Piktochart can be found [here].  Get all the basics here, including important vocabulary, chats, and tools that you can use to manage tweeting .
Teacher Training Videos—by Russell Stannard is fantastic (follow him [here]).  Find the videos [here].  The videos will auto play straight through, but if you want to review different topics, you can do that by clicking on specific topic on the left side of the screen.  This is the perfect way to learn about Twitter if you’re an audio & visual learner.   For the most part each video is under 3 minutes, so you could just view them as you have time.
Creating a Twitter Account—Is a handout that I created for teachers who really prefer written directions.  Find it [here] and it will walk you through the beginning steps of creating an account and thinking about how you will use it professionally.
Finding People to Follow—will walk you through the steps you need to do to find other educators to connect with from around the state and world.  It specifically gives you directions for how to use lists that other have made.  Find that handout [here].
Tweeting and Chatting—is another handout that I created that shows you how to tweet and participate in chats using just Twitter.   Find that handout [here].
Educational Hashtags See a list of the most commonly used educational hashtags on Twitter.  Look for specific content areas and interests (like technology or kindergarten).  Find the list on Cybrary Man’s website [here] and follow him (Jerry Blumengarten) [here].
Educational Chats—If you want to get the latest ideas for teaching and learning or technology, there s a chat for you.  Check out the official chat schedule [here].  Chats are a great way to get information and to connect with other educators who have your same interests (see a list of suggestions below).

Twitter Chats you Should Check Out

There are a ton of educational conversations happening on Twitter at all hours of the day, but there are certain times each week where you can schedule out a block of time and focus on having a conversation about your grade level or content area.  These conversations often yield awesome ideas and connections that will prove to save you  time and help to energize your teaching.  Here is a brief list of chats that may be useful to elementary teachers.  Be sure to check out the full list of educational chats listed above if you want something content specific.  Some of my favorites are: #KyLChat, #KyEdChat, #kinderchat, #tlap, and #edtechchat.

#1stchat—First grade teachers chat—8-9am EST
#slpchat—Speech and Language Pathologist chat 2-3 pm EST
#ccsschat—Common Core State Standards Chat 8-9pm EST

#pechat—Physical Ed chat—7-8 pm EST
#4thchat—Fourth grade teachers chat—8-9 pm EST
#tlchat—Teacher librarian chat 8-9 pm EST, 2nd Monday
#edtechchat—Educational Technology Chat—8-9 pm EST
#musedchat—Music Educator Chat—8-9 pm EST
#tlap—Teach Like a Pirate—8-9pm CST
#kinderchat—Kindergarten chat—9-10 pm EST
#21stadminchat—21st Century Administrators—9-10 pm EST

#edchat—Educational Chat 7-8 pm EST
#5thchat—5th grade chat 8-9 pm EST
#KyLChat—Kentucky Library Chat (2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month) 8-9 pm EST
#spedchat—Special Ed Chat 9-10 pm est

#3rdchat—Third grade teacher chat 7-8 pm EST
#edmusic—music teachers 7-8 pm EST
#2ndchat—second grade teacher chat 8-9 EST

#artsedArts in Education Chat—7:30-8:30 pm EST
#escchat– Elementary School Counselor Chat  - 8-9 pm EST
#KyEdChat—Kentucky Educators Chat—8-9 pm EST
#Langchat—Foreign language chat—8-9 pm EST

People to Follow

@MrPiercey—5th grade Google Certified teacher from Kentucky—founder of #KyEdChat—posts lots of awesome stuff. Click [here] to follow Donnie Piercey.
@mattBgomez—kindergarten teacher, #kinderchat moderator—awesome tech integration ideas. Click [here] to follow Matt Gomez.
@KleinErin –2nd grade teacher with a fantastic blog full of ideas for integrating technology. Click [here] to follow Erin Klein.
@TechNinjaTodd—White House Champion for Change and all around technology genius.  Click [here] to follow Todd Nelsoney.

There are many awesome people to follow, and I can't possibly list them all here, so check out my:  Kentucky Educator List [here] Educators List [here] to find tons of great people to follow.


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