Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Teacher Tips Sept 3 - #KyEdChat, Padlet, & Extra Yarn

Here's the roundup of tips I sent out to the faculty today. Links are underlined in blue.

#Kyedchat—A good Reason to Join Twitter

In one of our last Tuesday Teacher Tips of the year last year, I talked about developing a Professional Learning Network (PLN) through Twitter.  Over the summer, my PLN grew, thanks in large part, to the start of #KyEdChat.

#KyEdChat was spearheaded by Lexington based elementary school teacher Donnie Piercey (find him on Twitter here) and includes a wide range of educational professionals based here in Kentucky and beyond . 

Using the hashtag #KyEdChat, educators meet weekly on Thursday at 8 pm—9pm to discuss timely education topics and get ideas.

Over the summer, “official” chat topics included: favorite technology, common core, back to school, what to do when a lesson fails, and project based learning. The hashtag can also be used to mark any comment or resource that would be useful to teachers in Kentucky.

Want to know more? Barbara Myerson Katz spotlighted #KyEdChat in a CTL blog post #KyEdChat: Join the Conversation, and Mike Paul made a great 5 minute video about How to Follow  #KyEdChat on Twitter.

You can also find #KyEdChat on Google +.  You can request to join the community where people share blog posts and continue conversations.

Need to join Twitter? Check out this how to guide from Brenham ISD Tech Dept. to get you started.

Padlet—Collaborate & Brainstorm Easily

Padlet is a curating tool that allows teachers and students to create together.  Essentially it’s like a big digital board with sticky notes that you can add to, move, edit and delete.
As a teacher you create a board where either you curate content or invite students to.  You can use it provide resources for a project, allow student to post projects, questions or information relevant to units of study. 

Checkout a Padlet I created here

Overall, Padlet is easy to use.  Create a free account, choose build wall, click the settings wheel to give it a name, double click on the board and start adding content.

Caitlin Tucker’s Blended Learning & Technology in the Classroom, gives a great introduction to the site with some excellent ideas for use at “Padlet: Create a Virtual Wall and Engage your Students”.  A two minute video, Padlet in Ed—Tech Tools Tour also provides a nice overview of how to use the site in your classroom.

Extra Yarn

Looking for more books with a clear theme? 

You might want to check out Caldecott Honor Book Extra Yarn by  Mac Barnett.
The book  explores the endless good that can happen when you do things for other people without expecting anything in return.

Check out the book trailer here.

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