Friday, September 18, 2015

Makerspace on a Budget

When it comes to planning for and creating a makerspace in your library there is a lot to consider, beginning with the needs of your school community, budget and space concerns.  At the KLA/KASL 2015 Joint Conference I'll be sharing my experience with creating a makerspace on a budget.  Below you will find my slide show, and some suggested items that you might want to use as a starting point for stocking your makerspace.   

Be sure to check out KyMakes as a resource for sharing and curating ideas, especially those that are standards related, and for exploring a Symbaloo of maker related links and resources.

Makerspace On a Budget from hneltner

Makerspace on a Budget Thinglinked Handout 

Hover over the handout below to see links to some of my favorite resources and items. 

Fall 2015 - Sample Supply List

The list of items here is a really just for reference - it's not the perfect list, there's no such thing really - but it may get you thinking.  I did include links to items you might want to check into as a point of reference, but I would for sure shop around for the best deals.  It's best to think of this list as a resource versus a shopping list of things you have to get.  Some of the items here may work for you and many you may find no need for.  They're just some things that have worked well for my students.

Category Item Description Product View Possible Vendor Est Cost
Craft Items - Pick those that apply
Craft Crafts Colossal Barrel Assorted items School Specialty 60
Craft Origami School Pack of 500 School Specialty 23
Craft Craft Sticks Economy pack of 1000 School Specialty 8
Craft Marker Boards (Dry Erase) 6 - 2ft by 4ft (price ea $10) Home Depot 60
Craft Dry Erase Markers Black -2 set of 12 School Specialty 22
Craft Markers School Smart Pack of 400 School Specialty 84
Craft Construction Paper Roselle pack of 500 School Specialty 28
Craft Glue Sticks School Smart pack of 30 School Specialty 12
Craft  Scissors 12 pack blunt edge School Specialty 26
Electronics - Pick 2
Electronics Snap Circuits Discovery Kit with project directions Amazon 45
Electronics raspberry pi CanaKit Pi 2 -full kit includes storage box, wifi, and preloaded SD card Amazon 70
Electronics Makey-Makey Microcontroller Amazon 50
Engineering Pick 2
Engineering Goldiblox Builders Survival Kit Amazon 59
Engineering Knex Education Set Amazon 49
Engineering Legos Large Creative Brick Box Lego 60
Video Chromakey Drop Cloth 6x9 feet - you can also find this cheaper at your local fabric store, or if you have a permanent surface you can use you can buy paint in bright green - Behr Sparkling Apple, Amazon 21
Video/app Green Screen  DoInk iPad app iPad/iPhone iTunes 3
Video/app Lego Stop Action Lego Systems - iPad/iPhone iTunes 0


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